Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance


The Right Principles

Kemper recognizes that the long-term success of our organization depends on how well we serve our two key constituencies: our customers and shareholders. Toward that end, we consistently strive to conduct our business activities in an ethical and lawful manner. The Board of Directors of Kemper has always had a majority of non-management directors.

As part of Kemper's commitment to the principles of good corporate governance, we adopted the guidelines, charters and codes set forth under Governance Documents. (Viewing the documents requires Adobe® Reader® software, which can be downloaded and installed free of charge from Adobe's website:

Concerns Regarding Accounting and Auditing Matters

Kemper has established procedures for the receipt, retention and treatment of concerns relating to Kemper accounting, internal accounting controls and auditing matters. Persons with such concerns may call toll-free to the Corporate Responsibility Hotline at 888.695.3359. An independent company manages the hotline is managed and reports can be made anonymously or confidentially; reports can also be submitted online at Kemper Corporate Responsibility Hotline or call 888.695.3359

Communication with Non-Management Directors

Communications with non-management Kemper directors may be made using the Corporate Responsibility Hotline at 888.695.3359 or submitted online at Kemper Corporate Responsibility Hotline; such communications will be directed to the Chair of the Governance Committee.