Capital Offerings Profile

Company Name Kemper Corporation
Offering Type Senior Debt
Description 6.000% Senior unsecured notes, due 05/15/17
ISIN US913275AC73
Currency of Issue USD
Trading Symbol (Exchange) UTR.GC (OTCBB)
Announcement Date 5/7/2007
Trade Date 5/8/2007
Settlement Date 5/11/2007
Completion Date 5/8/2007
Shelf Filing Date 8/4/2005
144a? No
Mandatory Redemption? Yes
Convertible? No
Exchange for Existing Issue? No

Use of Proceeds
The net proceeds of this offering will be used to invest in short-term marketable securities.

Offer Price ($) 99.35
Yield to Maturity (%) 6.088
Treasury Spread (%) 1.450
Gross Amount Offered ($000) 360,000
Amount Including Overallotment ($000) 360,000
Minimum Denominations/Increments 1,000/1,000
Original Shelf Value ($000) 300,000

Current Security Ratings Current Issuer Ratings

Underwriting Fees
Gross Spread ($) 6.50
Gross Spread (%) 0.65
Sales Concession ($) 4.00
Reallowance ($) 2.50

Underwriters Shares Underwritten Amount Underwritten($000)
Book Manager(s)
  Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC - 126,000
  Wells Fargo Securities, LLC - 90,000
Senior Co-manager(s)
  J.P. Morgan Securities, Inc. - 28,800
  Wells Fargo Securities, LLC - 28,800
  BB&T Capital Markets - 10,800
  BNY Capital Markets, Inc. - 10,800
  Cochran Caronia Waller Securities LLC - 10,800
  Fifth Third Securities Inc. - 10,800
  Morgan Keegan & Company, LLC - 10,800
  Piper Sandler & Co. - 10,800
  Wedbush Securities Inc. - 10,800
  Williams Capital Group, L.P. - 10,800

Issuer's Counsel Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates
Underwriter's Counsel Davis Polk & Wardwell, LLP
Auditor(s) Deloitte & Touche, LLP
Clearing House(s) Depository Trust Company

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